Alain y Carlos: miembros de Albor Arquitectos

Albor has its antecedents in the year 2007, in the Central University “Marta Abreu”, Las Villas, where the group Zoom was created, headed by the students Alain Rodríguez Sosa (left) and Carlos Manuel González Baute (right). After graduation, and starting from the year 2008, this group was consolidated with the incorporation of the Master of Science and Architect Raúl Manuel Plá León, who contributed to make its proposals stronger, but with a mixture of reality and utopia. As a consequence of state contracts and the participation in international contests, the group matured conceptually when responding to diverse architectural topics, in a modality that Albor has continued developing and that it considers essential for its professional growth.

After that, and as a consequence of the aperture begun by the Housing National Institute through the Resolution 40/2010, the one that allows the population to face the construction of houses as self-employed workers, Albor undertook a work of promotional design for the intervention in houses that were in a precarious situation. This has allowed the promotion of a conceptual referent which doesn't obviate the aesthetic and contextual value of the proposals, and pursues the enrichment of the cultural identity and urban image of the town from contemporary architectural codes, those that in return, constitute negotiation contents between the architect and the proprietors of the house.

Due to the insufficient possibility for the acquisition of construction materials and against the projects that were materialized at that time —presumptuous and based on aesthetic lucubrations—-, Albor responded with designs of purer forms, serene spaces that didn't pretend to be another thing than a reflection of the most legitimate civic accessibility to a worthy architecture, whose results represents the multidisciplinary work of a wide group (architects, proprietors and construction workers) that executes it with a high degree of effort and dedication.

The respect to each user's singularities, as well as the orientation of the investments in correspondence with the income of every client, constitutes an opportunity to guarantee the quality, although always assuming the use of what have been inherited from a critical, imaginative and challenging perspective.

Today, besides all these activities, Albor has included teaching activities as part of its professional profile, considering it as a way to grow, mainly when developing proposals of social interest that establish approaches for a future materialization.

More than anything, the Group tries to service society through an architecture which improves the standard of living of those who integrate it. An architecture always in agreement with the possibilities of the houses to be intervened and the context where they are located.